Welcome to our site!  Since you have arrived on a “save the geese” site, we assume that you are interested in the preservation of wild geese - as we are.  Please take the time to browse all of our pages.   We have worked very hard to provide information that we hope will be useful to you.   For a quick overview of our site, please check out the “Site Map”.

         This website was created by volunteers dedicated to the preservation of wild geese.  It is the direct result of a human-goose  conflict that occurred “nearby” that ended sadly for the geese  - and for those of us fighting to save them!  We felt the need to gather information so others, in the same position, would have a better starting point for their fight.  We also felt it was important to provide a source for education, social interaction, volunteer resources, etc.    

         This website is continuing to grow and improve.  It will have frequent updates and changes — especially during “goose-conflict season”.  Please check back often or you’ll miss the changes! 

         If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to contact us.  We want to make this website the best it can be and we count on you to help us do that!    

         We sincerely hope you enjoy our site!




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