This page lists the locations that have chosen to use NON-lethal geese management methods.  We applaud you and if we had a “good goose” award to give out, we’d give it to you!  If you know of a location that should be added, please contact us.  

         Please support these locations by visiting these great locations on your vacation! You may also want to send thank you letters/e-mails to encourage them to keep using non-lethal management methods.



Ottawa-Gatineau region

The National Capital Commission (Ottawa-Gatineau Region) have chosen to use public education, habitat modification and border collies to manage their geese problem.

News article:  http://www.ottawafestivals.ca/blog/goose-management-in-the-capital-region/

Website: http://www.canadascapital.gc.ca/bins/ncc_web_content_page.asp?cid=16296&lang=1

Contact Information: http://www.canadascapital.gc.ca/bins/ncc_web_content_page.asp?cid=16301-23265-30893&lang=1





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