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         I feel that humans have NO RIGHT to comment on the size of the population of ANY species.  There are BILLIONS too many people on this planet.  Our population is completely out of control.  We remove any species that gets in our way, we kill any species that could be a potential predator, we completely interfere with the natural balance, we feed the starving, cure our diseases, etc.  We do everything we can to ensure that our population continues to increase to a point that is already well beyond what the planet can sustain!  We also destroy habitats and generate huge volumes of pollution and waste.  To make a decision to kill animals because there are too many of them or because they “produce waste that is gross or hazardous to our health” is HYPOCRITICAL in the very least!  WE have absolutely NO RIGHT to make decisions on who has the right to live until WE GET OUR OWN ACT TOGETHER and MANAGE OUR OWN POPULATION!