Business Support

         The following businesses are very supportive of non-lethal goose management.  They have provided financial, technical and/or volunteered their services or time to help the geese.  Please show your appreciation by supporting them.  If your group has businesses they feel have been supportive, please send us the details and we will add them here. 




Income Tax Services, Bookkeeping/Accounting, Payroll, Website Design & Hosting, etc.


This business designed, created and maintains this website. 


Fellows Creation, Crafts & Gifts 

Lanterns, Candles & Holders, Dragon & Mythical Creature Items, Household Items, Home Décor, Crafts, Giftware, Jewelry, Kitchen Items, Party Supplies, Toys, etc.



This business has paid for the registration of the domain name and the hosting costs for this website.  They will also be creating and selling our products for us in the near future.


Natasha Kerr - Independent Passion Parties Consultant

(please note Natasha Kerr in the notes of the order to ensure your order is directed to myself)
Host a Passion Party and your friends will thank you for inviting them.
Earn free products and hostess-only gifts
Have fun with your friends
Sex education your mother didn't give you
Products opening new lines of communication

To Book a Party, please email: nkerr@nb.sympatico.ca , and note "Wanting to Book a Passions Party" in the subject line

Passion Parties® is the premier sensual products, party plan company in the United States and Canada.

For more than a decade, our Passion Consultants™ have been enhancing the sexual relationships of our clients with sensual products designed to promote intimacy and communication between couples.

Thank you for letting me help you have the Ultimate Girls Night In!!

This business is supportive of non-lethal geese management.


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