About the Logo

           Many photos of geese were looked at in designing the logo.  The picture of a goose sitting down was chosen for a very specific reason.  The picture was then used to create a sketch of the bird, which was scanned into the computer.  A mirror image was also created.  Once they were put together the two images created a heart between the 2 geese; this was done intentionally to represent the love of geese — and is the reason the photo of the sitting goose was chosen.  :)

         The colour red was chosen for the background to make the heart red in colour, and because the website is a .ca (Canadian) website  - red is a “Canadian colour”.  The red also represents bloodshed — which we are trying to stop!  We thought this colour would be the most appropriate.

         The geese were then placed on a rounded-cornered rectangle to make the logo look like a button a protestor might wear.  Since we are trying to save geese – which usually involves protests — we thought this was also appropriate.  :)  

         We intend to sell buttons like this with the website address below the geese at some point in the future — watch for them to become available on our “support us” page. 


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