This page lists volunteer groups and organizations involved in save-the-geese campaigns.  If you have a volunteer group or would like to start one, please contact us to have your group added.  We can keep the contact information private, on request, for areas where the “hot topic” has created tensions and the group member wish to remain anonymous.  In such cases we will forward the “new volunteer” information to our contact and they can contact the individual.  

         We will also keep a list of volunteers that are willing to help out in specific areas.  We would like to create a “volunteer action group database” so we can get mobilized QUICKLY in locations that need help.  This database will be kept private on our system to protect the privacy of the individuals involved.  Please complete a volunteer application to be added to our database.  The applications are available in 3 formats; please select the format that works best for you and e-mail it to us: geese@savethegeese.ca .   The .pdf form will need to be completed and scanned to send back to us.  If you do not have access to a scanner, feel free to type the information into an e-mail. 


Volunteer Applications:      Word         Excel         .pdf



Nackawic, NB The volunteer group can be contacted through this website (use contact us & we will forward your name on) or you can go to the facebook page listed on the “HELP” page and comment that you’d like to volunteer and someone from the group will contact you. 



United States:



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