Site Map

         This page lists a brief description of all the “tabs” to the left.  We thought it might help you navigate our site more easily.

         Here’s a brief breakdown of our site:

· NEWS — news related to what is happening with our site, goose-related news articles, updates for any save-the-geese campaigns, etc.

· Events — upcoming fundraising events, volunteer events, protests, etc.

· Our Position — where we stand on geese management issues

· HELP — locations with active save-the-geese battles, links to petitions, addresses to write to or e-mail, phone numbers to call, and it tells you how you can help keep this site going.  If you are involved in an active campaign, we can also create a webpage for your group here…

· Volunteers — tracks volunteers and geese-related volunteer organizations/groups  

· Campaign Advice — suggestions for running a save-the-geese campaign

· Proposal Suggestions — what should be included in a formal proposal

· Geese Management — geese management information

· Management Resources — geese management links and companies providing resources for geese management

· “To Addle or NOT” — our position on egg addling

· Harmful to Humans? — health issues and geese.  Please note:  There is a great deal of misinformation about the health hazards related to geese.  We hope these links help to uncover the truth.

· Other Links — links to other geese related sites, as well as other links we feel might be useful

· Acts & Regulations — goose-related Acts and Regulations

· Surveys — surveys related to geese issues — please check this link and complete the surveys.  Statistics can be important tools in preservation attempts.  

· Did You Know? — facts about Canada Geese

· Comments — your comments on issues, concerns, ideas and we’ll post them here.  We hope to include a “blog” or “forum” at some point.

· RIP — locations and numbers of geese killed as a result of lethal geese management

· Awards — locations that have chosen to use non-lethal geese management methods

· Photos — send us your geese photos and we’ll post them here!

· Poems — send us your geese poems and we’ll post them here!

· Stories — send us your geese stories and we’ll post them here!

· Business Support — businesses that support non-lethal geese management

· Our Goals — our current, mid-term and long-term goals

· About Us — why this site was created.

· About the Logo — why the logo looks the way it does.

· Support Us — “geese-related” items that we have available for sale and how to purchase them.  Each sale helps to keep this site active.

· Contact Us — how to contact us.




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