“To Addle or NOT to Addle”

         Egg addling refers to practices that prevent the eggs from developing to produce goslings.  There are a number of methods that are use to do this — turning the eggs, punching holes in the eggs, oiling the eggs, breaking the eggs, removing the eggs (they no longer get incubated), the use of foods that will prevent the eggs from hatching, etc.  These methods are discussed in the “Geese Management” sections.  No matter which method is used, the end result still amounts to the death of the “potential gosling”.  This is a LETHAL goose control method!  We will NOT get into an abortion type argument on this issue — when is an egg an egg and when is it a gosling?  We do not wish to write a book to debate the issue!   

         It is our position that NON-lethal geese management is the only acceptable way to control goose populations, however, we realize that in some cases there may be the need to control the population size.  In such cases, we feel egg addling is preferable to killing (culling) geese.  It is more humane to prevent an egg from developing than to gas, shoot or break the necks of “living” geese. 

         That being said, the methods that we would suggest are oiling or taking the eggs and replacing them with plastic eggs.  Both methods will result in the geese continuing to incubate the eggs and they will NOT likely lay additional eggs.   You will need a permit (or several) to do this, so please make sure you get the required permit(s).  There is also a test to determine the stage of development of the egg and we ask that you use this test before any egg addling is done.  If the egg is sufficiently developed it is NOT acceptable to do ANYTHING to the egg and it should be left in the nest!  The Humane society has produced a document that tells how to determine the stage of development and when and how egg addling is to be done.  We have provided a link below to the Humane Society’s goose addling protocol.  PLEASE read this if you are planning to use this method.   

· http://www.humanesociety.org/issues/wildlife_overpopulation/tips/canada_goose_addling_protocol.html


             We would also like to ask that you do NOT remove or oil ALL of the eggs.  Geese are very emotional animals and we feel it is unnecessarily cruel to the parents for them to lose ALL of their young.  The parents would expect that not all the eggs will hatch and they also live with the reality that not all the babies will survive BUT we do not wish to send the parents into mourning for their ENTIRE clutch of eggs.  Geese are known to go into mourning when their mates or their young die or when their eggs do not hatch!  It is our position that the MENTAL health of the geese be considered and we ask that 1 or 2 eggs be left alone in the nest and allowed to develop.  After this point, it will be up to nature to decide what happens...

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