Harmful to Humans?

           Many locations that kill geese use the excuse that goose dropping are a health risk.  Our research has told us that the “risks” are being over exaggerated and perpetuated to suit the purposes of the organizations involved in culls AND to cover for HUMAN ACTIVITIES that are more likely to blame for any “health risks” they are linking to geese.  Please read the information below; it will help you make your own decision...    

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Health Risk??

· http://www.humanesociety.org/animals/geese/tips/solving_problems_canada_geese.html#Why_killing_geese_doesnt_work

· http://www.canadageesenewjersey.com/Health%20Quotes/Health%20Quotes.htm

· http://www.hallofshame.lovecanadageese.com/lies.html

· http://www.canadageese.org/goosereport.pdf

· http://www.canadageese.org/faq2.html

· http://www.canadageese.org/phealth.html




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